New Domain – TexasFirst.Bank

In February 2017 our website address will change from to the new, more secure

Why move to .BANK?

The .BANK domain allows us to provide you with more security. The domain is not available to anyone on the internet, like .COM and .NET are. In fact, you must be verified as a member of the global banking community and adhere to enhanced security requirements just to get a web address that ends in .BANK.

These requirements mean it's harder for someone with bad intentions to redirect you to a fake website or send you an email pretending to be us.

Once the switch happens, our entire main site will end in .BANK. So, if you land on a page that does not end in .BANK, you'll easily know it may not be us and can avoid sharing your personal information.

Learn more about .BANK and the security requirements we had to meet here.

What do you need to do?

There isn't much! The main thing to do is change your browser bookmark to

For now you will continue to be redirected to, but once we make the switch, you'll already be set to go to the more secure site.

A little later this year, all of our email addresses will also change to ending in This will provide you extra security in your inbox. We'll send you a notification when this happens so you can update your address book.