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Texas First Bank: The App! – Available Now

When you open the Texas First Bank mobile banking application, you can access various features about Texas First Bank without even logging in, such as:

  • ATM/Bank locations
  • Important news and social media through an RSS feed
  • One-touch, direct dial to the call center
  • Rate information

When you log in, you will be provided with numerous mobile banking options such as:

  • View Account Overview
  • Review Account History
  • Review Online Activity
  • Make a Transfer
  • Make Commercial Payments
  • View Messages and Alerts

In order to utilize the TFB Mobile App, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking and within Online Banking, you must enable the Mobile Enrollment. Once logged in, the flag navigation is optimized for the mobile experience, enabling you to effortlessly access all of your important account information and take quick actions as needed. As a mobile user, you require immediate access to your data and an interface with clean functionality, and the Texas First Bank application fully delivers on this need!

Text/SMS Banking – Available Now

  • Use Text Banking to get your balance instantly! Standing in the checkout line, and not sure of your balance? No problem, text BAL from your registered phone and you will receive a text of your available balance.
  • How Text/SMS Banking Works:
  • Send us a text/SMS message to request the information you need
  • Get a text/SMS message reply right away from us
  • Receive balance and transaction information within seconds


Person-to-Person Transfers – Available Now!

Texas First Bank has launched Person-to-Person (P2P) Transfers within Online Banking! You can set up a single transfer to another Texas First Bank customer's account, and you will also be able to set up transfers to and from any account that you are a signer on at another financial institution. This is the perfect solution that can be reached by setting accounts up in Online Banking and then making transfers through Online Banking and the TFB Mobile App!

BillPay – Available Now

Texas First Bank has launched our new and improved BillPay! The new BillPay offers you expanded features and functionality, including Person-to-Person (P2P) payments, external funds transfers, enhanced customer support, and--coming soon--Mobile BillPay!

Below you'll find details on these and other new features as well as an interactive demo and information on important changes to BillPay.

New Features of Texas First Bank BillPay:

  • Person to Person (P2P) Payments. Need to pay a friend for dinner or send money for something you bought online? It's easy with P2P payments. You can send electronic payments to others regardless of where they bank! All you need is their email address.
  • External Transfers. Now you can transfer funds to accounts at any domestic bank using a routing number and account number! It makes it easy to transfer to your accounts at other banks or send money to family member.
  • Improved Customer Support. Enjoy extended support hours and chat session availability with BillPay experts.
  • Consistent Payment Methods and Timing. Now you'll know exactly when payments will be debited from your account, when they will arrive at your billers, and if they will be sent electronically or by mailed check. It's reliable and consistent.
  • Customize Paying Account Name. With the new BillPay, you can choose the originating account name on paper checks mailed to your billers, and you'll have the flexibility to use different account names for different billers when needed.
  • New eBill Wizard. Access an easy-to-use interface for establishing new eBills so you can receive bills electronically directly in your BillPay account.
  • Customized Invoicing. Would you like to bill your customers directly to their email with invoices customized for your small business? This will allow you to do so and let those customers pay directly into your account, rather than swiping a card, writing a check or paying in cash.
  • Mobile BillPay Coming Soon. Soon, you'll be able to pay bills, transfer funds and make P2P payments right from your mobile phone! Watch for more information in the next few months.

Video and Interactive Demo

Are you ready to learn more about the new Texas First Bank BillPay? Take a moment to view the demo and then try the new system for yourself!

View a short video about the new BillPay and take a Test Drive

Payment Information

  • Establishing eBills. To protect your secure information, eBills were not transferred to the upgraded BillPay system. For each bill you would like to receive via online BillPay, you will need to establish a new eBill. Eligible billers will be displayed in the eBill dashboard on your new BillPay home screen. The pertinent information (amount, due date, payee) pertaining to your eBills will still be displayed, though.
  • Scheduling New Payments. New payments are now scheduled based on the processing date--the date that the full amount of the payments will be debited from your account--rather than the arrival date. The estimated arrival date of your payment will be displayed based on the processing date you select.
  • Timing Payments. For electronic payments, allow two days from the processing date for payments to arrive in your biller's account. Allow three to five days for check payments to arrive.

Bill Payment Process

More Information

For help with the new BillPay, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact your nearest Texas First Bank Banking Center.


Risk and Fraud Analytics – Available Now

RFA incorporates a behavioral classification model built explicitly from your activity history. The model is dynamic in nature and evolves over time to track your changing behaviors and combined with our transaction monitoring, enables real-time decisioning.

Some of the key features of RFA are that it:

  • Provides multi-dimensional, cohesive relational analytics, tracking usual vs. unusual behavior
  • Continuously learns, monitors, and models your account behavior, highlighting anomalies
  • Integrates easily with back office procedures
  • Includes both behavioral and transactional, real-time analytics, as well as fraud mitigation
  • Provides an easy-to-use case management tool to either authorize or cancel suspect transactions
  • Integrates with other security features to provide a complete and comprehensive risk and fraud solution

You will receive the below message if a transaction requires further review:

'This transaction requires further review and will remain in an On Hold state until the review has been completed. The bank will contact you shortly to approve this transaction.'

Security Tokens – Coming This Year

Security tokens give your account the security it deserves. Go the extra step to eliminate identity theft and account fraud.

  • Available on Business Accounts
  • Identity Protection
  • Account Security

Security tokens are used to prove one's identity electronically. This security feature is to help dissolve the threat of fraud on an account. The token is used in addition to or in place of a password to prove that the customer is who they claim to be. The token acts like an electronic key to access something.